• OUR DUTY direct monitoring of market developments and the continuing improvement of our services.

  • OUR PURPOSE high quality, timely delivery, prompt service to our customers in everything needed.

  • OUR COMMITMENT to assist you in any emergency in full compliance with the time constraints without any extra cost or lower quality.




We created this website for better and faster services.

We hope that our efforts will be useful to you, and count on your help
to make it better in order to be excellent service.

We are very proud when we offer to our customers the most
intimate personal contact to ensure your satisfaction.

You can find us at:
B.I.P.E. Sindou Square No 18,
Building 29 - 30 57022 Sindos Thessalonikis, Greece
tel.: +30 2310 798-268 , 798-968 & 723-084 fax. +30 2310 796.469

Ζαχ.Παπαντωνίου 54-58 Zax. Papantoniou,
Ag. Eleutherios Axarnon, Greece.
tel. +30 210 8541185 fax: +30 210 8541474
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