J. Pagiantzas receiving award

Al. Payiantzas S.A. “SELLOPLAST” awarded the First Hp Indigo Digital Label Printer

13:41 18 Σεπτεμβρίου in Βραβεία

In 2007 Selloplast decided to invest in high quality digital printing.
Ms. Beky Shemer, CEO and Mr. Ran, General Manager of 3-Print Company, managed to earn Mr John Pagiantzas’ trust for this purchase. Mr Pagiantzas is the owner and Managing Director of Selloplast, a well-established pioneering label printing company with over 55 years active presence in this industry sector.

3-Print Company one of the main distributors of HP Indigo started its operations in 2007 and at present have 9 countries under their overseeing.

This week, Mr.Pagiantzas received the honor to be awarded as the First Hp Indigo Digital Label Printer in Greece.
The ceremony took place in 3-Print’s dinner in Brussels under the LabelExpo Europe 2023 works.
Apart from operating the first HP Indigo Label Printing Machine in Greece, Selloplast is currently developing a serious investment plan in close cooperation with 3-Print.