Al. Payiantzas S.A. “SELLOPLAST”

The company Al. Payiantzas S.A. «SELLOPLAST» was founded in 1965 as a family business company in the center of Thessaloniki. Today it is based in the industrial area of Sindos Thessaloniki, in privately owned facilities, occupying 40 employees with long specialized experience in the field of printing.

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The production of the company is distinguished for its equipment in modern machines. Our ultimate goal is to harmonize with the modern technical and technological developments of labeling.


● Ten line production
● Digital printing (HP INDIGO)
● Letterpress with the ability of printing up to 10 colors
● Silk printing
● Thermal printing
● Embossing


Wide variety of printing materials: paper, PP plastic, Pet, Clear, Silver, Aluminum, Wooden label, durable materials
• Metal inks
• Variety of special varnishes from mat paper to super gloss for the best appearance of the label
• Thermotyping in many colors


• Self-adhesive labels with special treatment for resistance to external conditions
• Two part labels – 3 pages in 1, giving more information about the product
• Security labels (void text – security type – void silver)
• Embossed printing
• No glue on the edge of the label or in between

  • 3M
  • Flint
  • UPM
  • Avery
  • Hp
  • Paragon
  • ESON
  • WINK


Emphasizing on quality, reliability and safety of the services, our company implements the ISO 9001 quality management systems for which it has been successfully certified by the most reputable organization TÜV.

aCert Selloplast
TUV certificate 1


The company monitors the developments in organization and management, in collaboration with specialized consulting companies. It follows modern management and operation monitoring techniques, which are based on two pillars:
– the customer relationship management
– the optimal utilization and development of human resources, providing continuous and multilevel training.

People working at Selloplast offices


The company holds the largest market share in Northern Greece.

It is expanding its customer service network in Attica, South and Southeastern Greece and Crete, through a staffed branch in Athens, while for Epirus and the Ionian Islands it has a specialized label consultant, based in the city of Ioannina.