D igital printing is used for printing systems where digital data is fed directly into the machine. They are then used as an example in the description of the drum storage, video recording, or onset of offset plates on the camera. If there are high-resolution files, they can be created with these high-resolution colorful labels, even in very small numbers, such as printing individual samples. Liquid electrically loaded color (e.g. HP Indigo) is transferred similarly to genuine offset printing with a rubber cloth on the print media.

Our new digital technological equipment is of extremely high quality. We face the challenges of tomorrow with technological innovations that launch the possibilities in the sphere of imagination.

Selloplast, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, fine organization, qualified personnel and applying a Quality Assurance System certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 No 041120071, guarantees the quality of its products and services, covering all the modern requirements in the color roll adhesive labels , capable of printing up to 10 colors.
Al. Payiantzas SA, the first label maker in Greece to use HP Indigo, has pioneered in the Greek and international Balkan area, covering the needs of the high demands on the adhesive label, investing in one of the most modern digital printing machines (whose philosophy is based on Offset method). In addition, HEWLETT PACKARD Indigo’s high printing cannot be compared to other printing techniques, such as UV FLEXOGRAPHY, LETTERPRESS & OFFSET (analogue printing), as its sense of excellence is evident. The greatest benefits HP Indigo offers to the customer is stock minimizing, excellent quality, etc.

The advantages of OFFSET

(digital printing)

  • High print quality
  • No film or printing plates (cliché)
  • Small quantities, individualized printing
  • Short-term data changes on the label are possible
  • Short preparation time
  • Short delivery time