Label makers TOWA (30, 60, 100 mm)
Etiketografoi TOWA
Label Makers (26×12, 26×16, 32×19)
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Selloplast Ribons
Gummed Paper Tapes
selloplast gummed tapes
gummed machines

Gummed paper tapes are the only tapes that are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly. The first raw materials used for their production come exclusively from renewable sources, such as wood from sustainable EU woodland and the natural glue from potato starch extract. They could be discarded or recycled together with the cartons which were used, without additional cost (economically or environmentally). Because of their excellent environmental “friendliness”, they add value to the packaging of the finished product and are an ideal solution for natural and organic products.

Gummed tapes are available in widths from 40 to 90 mm and in lengths from 150 to 1000 m, depending on the type. All our tapes are placed with manual or automatic dispenser. There is a choice of brown (kraft) and white color, with paper from 60gsm to 90gsm, reinforced with fiberglass for heavy loads.

Packaging Pillows

Suitable for users with 1000
boxes per day


Maximum speed: 3M/min (±5%)
Film thickness: ≥0.02mm
Machine size: 455x215x215(mm)
Machine weight: 3.52kg


Suitable for users with 1000-3000
boxes per day


Maximum speed: 8M/min (±5%)
Film thickness: ≥0.02mm
Machine size: 462x255x170(mm)
Machine weight: 5.95kg

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